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De izquierda a derecha: Steve Duong, Jean-Christophe Haller, Christophe Farrugia, Emmanuel Bigand

La energía del rock… sin los decibeles

Bill Bruford (baterista de los grupos Yes, King Crimson y Genesis) ha dicho del Rolling String Quartet:

"Vive le Rolling String quartet! Stairway to Heaven is to that ensemble as Purple Haze is to the Kronos Quartet; challenging, invigorating, exhilarating and full of fun and questions about why music is the way it is. What more could you ask for?"

Bill Bruford y el Rolling String Quartet.

Algunas de la piezas tocadas por el cuarteto:

Stairway to heaven,  Smoke on the water, Sympathy for the devil, God Save the Queen, White Riot, Sweet child ho mine, Highway to hell, Nougayork, Ca c'est vraiment toi, Get Lucky, Cheerleader,  Message in the bottle, So lonely,  Break on through,  Bohemian rhapsodie, Satisfaction, Happier time,  Sunshine of your love,  etc…

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